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I know I havent been on in a long time but I just want you guys to know that you can follow me on instagram ! @thrillerinspired I’m on everyday :)

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I hate to pick ya from the bunch, but you sir need a reality check. Let’s look at a few black individuals that have fairly light skin.


Mariah Carey

Now let’s look at some celebrities that have one parent who is white and the other who is black. (Like Prince and Paris)

Rashida and Kidada Jones

Vin Diesel

Would you like more examples? I have plenty and I’m sure other MJ fans do as well

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What Makes Michael Jackson So Special?
MJ Fans: Off the wall was released when he was only 21 years old

Society: His bleached his skin

MJ Fans: Thriller is the best selling album of all time

Society: He spoke in a high voice

MJ Fans: Bad was the first album to have 5 consecutive hits

Society: He wore sequins

MJ Fans: Dangerous became number one 2 years after it's release

Society: He slept in an oxygen chamber

MJ Fans: HIStory is the best selling double album of all time

Society: He was gay

MJ Fans: Blood on the dance floor is the best selling remix album of all time

Society: His best friend was a monkey

MJ Fans: Invincible was considered a modern remake of Off the wall

Society: He never sang live

MJ Fans: He won 13 Grammys in his life time

Society: He got multiple nose jobs

MJ Fans: He gave millions to charity

Society: He molested children

MJ Fans: Before you judg-

Society: He bleached his skin

MJ Fans: Please, try hard to love hi-

Society: He was a drug addict

MJ Fans: He was a child at heart

What's so special about Michael Jackson?


He just made people smile.